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The guy I’m dating.

Chelsie C.    

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I am dating someone and I have been for about 3 months, he does have depression and takes medication for it. I want to help and support him in the right way. I’ve noticed when he’s low he doesn’t communicate with me much but will still talk to others, am I being told sensitive by taking it personally? is this typical for someone with depression. I suffer my own issues (been in a abusive relationship) so him distancing himself from me scares me he’s going else where even though he’s saying otherwise and is a very straight up person. Anyone able to give me some advice on how I can behave and help him? thank you.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi Chelsie, it's great to hear how understanding you are as a partner and from my perspective it's something that I've heard a lot. Often partners don't want to 'burden' us with their problems and will seek support elsewhere so they can still be the best partner to you. It's actually pretty healthy (just as it would be if they were seeking say, counselling / therapy) to do this but if you feel a little left out by it you could try explaining that you would like them to share some things with you.

Getting the balance right in a relationship can take time and practice and it may be that he just needs to hear that you're okay with talking about it sometimes. How does that sound?


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Hey @Chelsie C.


I just wanted to check in with you and see what you think about Blondie's advice? I can completely see why this you would take this personally, but Blondie is right in that sharing with our partners can make us feel like a burden. Also, talking about our problems tends to be easier to people we aren't as close to. People can find it hard to be emotionally vulnerable with those we are the closest too which is also something to think about here. Hope to hear back from you soon :)


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