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is she a toxic friend or not?


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i have this friend, my bestfriend actually, and we recently had a fight and i f***ed up. i have been trying to make it up since really long and she just doesnt gets down her attitude hill. she keeps saying that she cares too much to lose me but still doesnt accept my apologies. i have tried more than i even can. what do i do now? is she a toxic friend? should i leave this friendship?

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Hey there. It depends on the situation really. We can often stay mad at someone despite them apologising and caring about them. Would you like to tell me more about what you had a fight about? Although apologies often help, if the person is really upset, it can sometimes not be enough and the person might want you to prove that you won't do it again. She might just need some time and space to cool off. Do you think this would help? If you want to make the friendship work, I wouldn't leave it; people respond differently to having a fight.


Hope to hear from you soon :)

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