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Coming out as Omniromantic


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I need some help. I don't know how I should come out to my parents as Omniromantic. I know they both are supportive, but I'm still a bundle of nerves. I've decided that I want to come out sometime this month, but I'm still not sure how to do it. Does anyone have any advice, or am I working myself up for no reason?

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Hey @Alex_NBmemer


I'm glad to hear that your parents are supportive and that you wanna come out sometime this month. Despite knowing your parents will be supportive, coming out call still be nerve-wracking and your feelings are valid. Could it be a good idea to write them a letter or have a relative/close friend tell them instead? Writing a letter can be good because it takes the pressure off telling them face-to-face, and then you can talk about it after. What do you think?


Also, we have an article here for coming out support. Check it out: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/top-11...ian-gay-or-bi/ (I know it says coming out as lesbian, gay, or bi, but the tips are still useful)


Speak soon,

-Monsoon :cool:


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