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Racism in workplace


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I need advice. I was, once again, treated differently at work because I am of different ancestry.

The same person did it, but this time, inside I lost my control over my feelings, and even drove to the HR office after work.

I realized that I would just be "wrong" again and they would do nothing but make me feel like the 'bad guy' so I left and thought about just getting a lawyer.


The management openly ignores it when it happens and one time went out of their way to make me feel as small and useless as a mini-mouse.


Since this is anonymous I won't be jeopardizing anything by listing just a few things.


I am a co-lead of a production team.


​When the X race person leads, they are left alone and even kissed up to.

When I lead the team, the also X race team member was in my face all day, demanding I share and explain everything I was doing, going over my paperwork, following me around demanding explanations on how I was doing my job, what my plans were, essentially treating me as if I were retarded. Today, they even did part of my job as if I weren't even there.


This person has ZERO authority over me.

There was a witness, but that witness is also X race and didn't feel the need to report the HOURS OF RACIST HARASSMENT I was subjected to. This team member never treats another X race person this way or the other lead.

2. An X race driver of a shuttle truck (shuttles parts and materials between plants), tried to run me down in the parking lot.

3. Two X race workers stated to the plant manager (not X race) that I refused to help an X race worker.

I was not asked what happened by the manager, simply ordered to stop being a "bad guy" and do whatever they ask of me.

What they told management I did never happened.

4. I consistently produce between 110% - 120% of quota where I work. The X race lead never produces over 80%, yet is constantly rewarded.

In one case, on a day where I ran it all by myself, (even while being harassed by that other team member), I managed to produce 110% out of both areas.

The plant manager, while I was standing with them the following day, told the X race person how much they miss her when she's not there and how she has to be there everyday.

He never acknowledged that I had made any contribution at all.


There is plenty more of this kind of thing daily.


I dread going to work everyday and tomorrow will be worse because I vocally lost my temper with the constant "special" treatment. Who knows what they will do.


I don't have the funds for evidence gathering. I have just the one phone and the atmosphere is loud and any recordings might not be any good.

​​​​ Management will just put me in the corner with a dunce cap if I speak up, the entire time living the pretense that they are being "fair".


I don't know what to do.


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Hey Trantor,


Thanks for reaching out to us for support. We are predominantly a space for 12-25 year olds, so i'll send you a private message to some organisations we feel might better suit you.


I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you, but I'm glad that you're still sticking to your ground and staying strong. It's such a reflection of your strength that you're still working there. I definitely think that you should go forward and report this, even if they don't believe you. I think you would feel worse for not going forward with it. With gathering evidence, you don't need money for this. You could make a diary recording everything that happens with times, dates, who was involved, what was said, etc. It would also be good to make a note of who else was present incase you need witnesses. This will give you more credibility when it comes to reporting. Also, did you report the person who tried to run you over? This is a serious crime and needs reporting to the police if you haven't already. I hope you're managing to look after yourself too; this must be a very stressful time for you. Take care, Trantor.


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