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how to become completely independent from my family


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hi! so i'm just looking for advice on how to become financially independent from my parents, i'm on my second year of college rn and i go back home to them and stuff but bc i'm on almost full financial aid and have outside scholarships i don't rely on them for much. however, i know that the real world is completely different and i've never had a real source of income and don't know much about budgeting and credit cards and literally any of that stuff.


any tips would be helpful :) they don't have to get super specific on the financials

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Hello again :)


I'm glad to hear that you don't have to financially rely on your parents much at the moment. That's a start in building your independence as you'll be managing your own money.


Before you graduate, you could start looking for a job to go straight into. Once you know how much you'll be earning, you can then budget and figure out how much you have to spend on rent, food, and leisure, etc. If you aren't already budgeting, you could start now by setting yourself a certain amount to spend each week.


If you don't already have a job, you could get one so you can start saving for the end of college. Also, some people find it useful to get a 'safety credit card' just incase there are any big expenses that you have to cover.


Btw, do you know how to cook? If not, start experimenting with some recipes!


What else do you think you need to do? This is an exciting time!




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