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Hi I'm Sophie and I am thinking about starting a website. I like to write, but I never really make my stories public. They are very personal and I would like to share it with other people. But I don't want it to share it with people I know, maybe close friends but not like people I work with. If this makes sence. I am not sure if I should make a website and if anyone would even want to read it. I actually just want to write things and I am just looking for a platform or something. So anyone with advise? Let me know!!

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Hey Sophie :)


It's great that you want to make a website for your stories. I can understand why you don't want to share them with certain people. Have you thought about making a Tumblr blog? You could post them on there so they are out in the big wide world! It doesn't matter if people don't read them, but Tumblr could be a really good platform for you to share your work :)


Maybe you could share one here too? We would love to see your work!






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Hey there @Sophie_365


I agree with @Monsoon tumblr is cool. But also check out Wattpad - it is exactly for this purpose and you can share your stories on there - it's also a really inclusive and supportive community. One of our users @Mammu has an account, i'm sure they would be happy to explain it a bit more to you.



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