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My mom says mean things that hurt my feelings and she always sounds like she’s mad at me. She’s very strict and often gives me punishments. Anyways, I always cover my legs with Long pants. Because my legs are so big and chubby and my but is humongous. So big I can barely fit in any jeans and pants in stores. (Well at least the ones I like and have tried on) and I have all these scars on my legs from me scratching them non stop. My mom wants me to show more skin. I refuse and she calls me a Muslim and says mean stuff to me like, “I can’t sit next to a Muslim� “go away� “look at her all covered up, you’ll fit right in� “even I have better style than you� “you look so ugly� I don’t feel comfortable telling her about me not being comfortable with the size of my legs.

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Hey AnnaBanana.


I'm sorry to har that you've experienced this treatment from your mum. It must really get you down, especially when she refers to you as 'ugly'. No one deserves to be treated like this, and please know that this isn't a problem with you. You should be able to dress how you want and not feel attacked for it. I wonder, have you spoken to your mum about how she treats you? People can sometimes act like this and not be aware that they're hurting the person. Maybe you could write her a letter about how you don't like the way she treats you? I know you don't feel comfortable doing this, but she might not stop if you don't tell her. You could write the letter, let her read it alone, and then speak about it together afterwards. By the way, you might find this support article useful: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/parent...ally-bully-me/


Also, I'm sorry to hear about the scars on your legs from scratching. I'm wondering, how come you scratch them so much? I think that you might need a bit of a confidence boost. It sounds like you're really down on yourself at the moment and we would like to help you with that. Here's something that could help - What are three things that you like about yourself? This could be absolutely anything, for example, it could be your personality or looks. The next time you have a bad thought about yourself, try to focus on the three things you like. Doing this can help us to feel more confident and you have to keep on doing it to see the benefits. Here’s a support guide that might help you: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/overco...w-self-esteem/


Let me know what you think of all this. I hope to speak with you soon.

-Monsoon :)




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