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I need an another opinion


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So, I´m sure that you all have been in a fight with your mom/dad. I do a lot and a question, not even depending on the situation, always pops into my mind: "Do you think, that they sometimes think: "Maybe I was wrong? Maybe I was a little harsh? Maybe my kid was right and I was wrong? Maybe I overreacted?"?"


Do your parents sometimes apologize to you, instead of you apologizing to them? Has that ever happened to anyone?

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Hey Mammu,


When I was growing up, I found that my mum and dad would sometimes apologise for being out of order. This didn't happen a lot, but it made me feel good when I did. When they didn't, I used to think they were bad people. However, I realised this was wrong as I got older. I do think everyone does this a little bit though.


We can find it really hard to admit our wrongdoing to the person we hurt. I guess if we know we have done wrong and decide to not do it again without admitting it to the other, then that's better than nothing :)


I do know how much it sucks when the other person doesn't apologise though, but that's just something we have to accept sometimes. As annoying as it is...


If this is happening to you, have you spoken to them about it?


-Monsoon :)


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