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I might be bi?


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Hey, I’d really appreciate some help/advice/whatever about how I’m feeling. I’m a 16 year old girl who loosely identifies as asexual. 5 months ago I had my first crush on a boy, but now I’m starting to have feelings for two different girls. I kinda want to kiss and be affectionate with both girls, but I’m confused because I don’t obsess over either girl like I did with the boy I liked, nor can I see myself dating either girl even though I could picture myself dating the boy (I’m far closer with the boy than with either girl which might be the reason why, but I don’t know). I’m unsure how to label myself because I think both girls are really, really pretty and I sort of want to kiss both of them, but I’m not crushing on either of them the same way I crushed on the boy. Any help?

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Hey Bianca :)


Thanks for reaching out to us! We are here to support you.


Reading this as an outsider, I'd say at the moment it definitely sounds like you're more attracted to the guy. Is that fair to say? I think that a lot of people initially identify as asexual, but over time, they start to develop romantic feelings for people.


I think at the moment, the most important thing to do is just be patient and trust the process really :/.


I know this probably isn't the answer you want, but once we've had more experiences, we get to know ourselves so much more. I guess with that in mind, you'll know your label as time goes on. I'd just say to try and enjoy the process if you can!


I hope this helps :). Do you think you're going to ask the guy out?


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Hey, thanks for responding!


I definitely had a crush on the boy, so I liked him more. I identified as aromantic/asexual beforehand, but I know I’m not aromantic so I identify as asexual at the moment, although I know it might change later


It’s okay, I know things will work out in the end and there’s not much I can do for the meanwhile. I’m still confused and unsure about how I feel towards girls, but it’ll work out


Definitely not ahaha, I stopped liking him ages ago, and I didn’t want to date him even though I liked him. Funnily enough, I’m actually helping him with asking out the girl he likes


Thanks for the response!

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Hey there :)


Yeah, you're deffo right in saying that it will work out in the end. You just have to ride this big long journey and let yourself be directed. Follow your intuition - everyone knows what's right for them deep down :)


Keep in touch and remember that we are always here to support!


- Monsoon


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