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is covid19 bothering anyone


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covid19 is bothering me so much because it's what everyone in my house likes to talk about. my dad and step mum just keep watching the news and it is really annoying because they just say the same thing. is this world threat bothering you at any points during this outbreak.

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I know what you mean - it feels like it's the only thing people can think about, and it's taking over every conversation I have with anyone. I guess when people are worried about something, they can't stop talking about it or looking for more information about it. Have you spoken to your dad and step-mum about how it's bothering you?


How are you feeling about it? Are you worried about COVID19, or is it more frustration that you can't get away from people talking about it? (I'm kind of a mixture of both!)

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Hey there. Sorry to hear that they won't listen. Maybe when it comes up at home or they put the news on, you could go and do your own thing that brings you joy? That way, you don't have to be involved in it. :)




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