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Do i starve myself?


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This is my first post here, hopefully not my last.

I'm having a pretty big issue with isolation. My head is a mess as it is but i have always been a big girl. I am studying to be a midwife and so when i was working in NHS hospitals, my excersize levels were so high and i didn't have time to eat.

Now because of covid, uni is from home and we have been pulled out of placement.

When i am stressed or sad or angry - i binge. With recent events i have felt my mental health take a spiral out of control. I actually hate myself, a lot. I need to get on top of my losing weight but i don't know how to do this without being silly and starving myself or binging out of frustration.

Has anyone please got any tips. I don't know what to do but i cannot stay the way i am, i'll do something silly if i don't change.

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Hi Aggiebags. Thanks for coming to us for support. I’m Monsoon and I’m a Digital Support Mentor here at Ditch the Label.


It sounds like you're going through a really tough time at the moment - sorry to hear that. I think isolation has been tough for everyone, especially those who struggle with mental health. It's brave of you to talk so openly about your struggles. We are here to help you with this.


I wonder, with the exercise, could you potentially do some home workout videos? You could even go for jogs or walks as we are allowed out once a day. This could help with your general physical health. Also, there are plenty of exercise videos for home on YouTube.


Also, you may find this article useful on how to improve your mental health:




I guess the last thing I wanted to say is, do you feel like you could maybe talk to your doctor about this? With eating difficulties, it is much easier for people to seek support from their doctor to help them. I would recommend speaking to your GP if possible as they will be able to provide you with professional help.


How does all of this sound? Let me know if you don't find it helpful and we can figure something else out.


Stay safe and speak soon,









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