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Living with depression and anxiety....


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Hello all,


I've come across Ditch the Label a while back and I admire the support and help you provide to those who need it... Since I have no idea what to do now I decided to share and ask for help.


My girlfriend who I live with suffers from depression and anxiety. She came off the pills (which helped her ease the pain) a while back because I make her happy and she thinks she doesn't need it anymore. As sweet as it sounds I don't agree with quitting cold turkey, just like that without speaking to her doctor. Anyway, she's off it now but it seems we are on an emotional rollercoaster.. one day it's fine, the other not so much. For over a week now she had pretty bad days, she didn't want to get out of the bed, she doesn't speak to me about it at all. I think that's what I found the hardest, the fact that she finds support only when speaking to her mum, but not me. Since I don't know what's going on in her head I can't help. I don't know what to do, or say.. do I act normal? But I struggle to act normal when I know how bad she feels.. I'm emotional and empathetic so I feel her pain and struggle.


What would you recommend? If you suffer from depression and anxiety, what would you want from your partner to do? Or say?


Thanks guys, in advance.

Love you all ♥�

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Personally, as someone whos struggles, I would want my partner to find me help if im incapable of doing so myself, or not wanting to. I wouldn't want them to see me going through that.

Also, alongside this, theres obviously the need for communication.


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  • Ditch the Label Staff

@IamwhoIam Hey, I can relate to this situation. Whilst I absolutely agree that we all have autonomy and respect people's right to manage their medication, I think we have a 'duty' as partners to carefully speak up if we feel they aren't doing so well. You're right in that quitting suddenly can lead to all sorts of issues but also, it can be common for people to think that 'I'm doing well, therefore I don't need the medication' when they may be doing well because they are taking the medication.

As her mum seems to have a lot of her confidence, could you try speaking to her about it, carefully and in private so you can support her together, as a team. I know that sometimes people in relationships don't necessarily want their partners to become carers in some capacity so she may be trying to avoid that. It would be good to address that carefully and say you just care about her and want to be able to support her when she's feeling so low.

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