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friends bullying me


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ok so it all started when my friends went out to an amusement park without me. i felt excluded so i confronted them about it and we both said some hurtful things to each other. my friends lied to me and said they asked me at school already. then my friend's ex girlfriends texted me telling me about how he had cheated on her and i lost all respect for him. people around school got to know really quickly but i wasn't the one spreading the stuff. ***** and his friends blamed me for spreading the news so he threatened multiple times to physically beat me up and damage my house. at lunch one day he grabbed my collar in his hands ready to punch. it got worse from there. ***** told me about how she was going to egg ***** house and i didnt say anything because i thought it was a joke. ****** then came to our school's football game with some mutual friends and i went out for dinner with her and those mutual friends (they go to a different high school). i learned at dinner that they had egged his house and the next morning ****** called me and asked if i knew about them egging his house and i lied and said no. a couple days later, another one of my friends said that i was immature and that the whole group had wanted to kick me out since three months ago. he went on to insult me multiple more times and threaten me with several things. i was very mad and created an instagram account. i lied and asked them why one of them made it even though it was me and then there was an exchange of words with them lying about stuff. they attacked my character and more. when i told them that it was actually me they said they lost all trust in me. they accused me of several things that weren't true and went around school telling people lies about what happened and made them look like the victims. the whole time they were calling me names, talking behind my back, sending me pictures every time they went out to make me feel excluded, and held secrets from me. then they started spreading false things to my other friends and now everyone at my school has some false idea of who i am. what should i do? should i go to the school office?

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Hi Godgoat03!

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through something like that. It sounds as though these "friends" are bullying you verbally, emotionally, and threatening to bully you physically. While I have no experience with physical bullying, I was emotionally and verbally bullied when I was younger, and I went through a time when everyone in my school hated me based off of a rumor and false information spread by the people I had considered to be my best friends at the time.

I think that you should definitely go to the school office about the threat that this ryan guy made to damage your house and punch you in the face because that involves harm being inflicted on you and your home and that isn't something that should just go unspoken about. In terms of what to do about the other aspects of the bullying, going to the school office or school counselor is one idea, but you should also go to an adult that you trust if you have one you can talk to. You should also strongly consider finding new friends who won't backstab you or believe rumors over your word, and who will stick with you rather than threaten to punch you in the face based on a rumor. I know it may seem at times that everyone hates you, but remember that it is not your fault that they won't listen to your side of the story and that if they really were your friends, then they wouldn't have turned on you so suddenly. I hope this helps a bit


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Hey, thanks for coming to us for support :). Can I check (original poster), did someone from our team reach out to you for support? I imagine someone may have messaged you privately, but if not, let me know :)


I think it's really tough to go through something like this and I just want to check in to see how it went?


Speak soon,


- Monsoon


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