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Addiction,PTSD,Major Depression. Help


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I feel depressed a lot sadness, overwhelmed, anxiety, can’t sleep without sleeping pills, tired a lot, hopelessness, stress, relationship problems, financial problems, drug addiction and I know drugs and booze makes it worst but from my mental state and emotion makes it feel like it’s impossible to quit doing them. I live in a sober living house to and aa/na don’t help or the sober living house seems to make it worst because feel forced to have sobriety. Current financially behind, not working on income support and found out having a baby three days ago, and you I think I have ptsd, have bad events that happened still think about, went to jail few months ago still have court to finish possible might go back because of charges if don’t win in trail, I don’t see my kids how I use to before because of jail and bail conditions don’t see my family as well. Was clean for 7 months fell of the wagon by temptation wrong friends I guess and been trying for months to fix my life but just keeps going down hill sadly. Really don’t know what to do at this point. And seems like all this stuff processed through my mind constantly and only trust my girlfriend to talk to but it isn’t helping me.. Feel emotionless at times and like giving up. And feel like I’m going crazy and mean while t Isn’t to change and manage life. Suggestions ?

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Hello @Teeg,


It really sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I think your sobriety is something you should really try and keep up because as we know it is so much harder to maintain good mental health when we are in the grips of addiction. But you have to want to be there and not feel like it is imposed onto you.

As you are pregnant there is a new incentive to try and stay sober if you are planning on continuing the pregnancy.


Don't give up, this part is the darkness and it is hard to see the light but keep your goals in the forefront of your mind. If you could wave a magic wand over your life and it be fixed what would that look like? Write it down and say it every morning - it will help you get some direction as to where you would like to be.


Do you have any counsellors that aren't related to AA that you can see? You are in control, this is your life and nobody else's and you have the ability to improve it. You have gone through a lot in life already so try to be as kind to yourself right now as possible.


Just take it one day at a time and try to put yourself and your health first. If you think "if I am my healthiest and strongest version of myself I give myself the tools to succeed"


Sending solidarity your way,



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