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I feel like I’m screaming and no one can hear


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Does it ever get better:(

I feel like I go through “phases� with my mental health and every time it gets worse.

This is the worse it’s ever got, I feel like I’m screaming and no one can hear. I’ve never been good with expressing my feeling to anyone and I’m quite comfortable with keeping everything bottled up. However slowly but surly I’ve started to talk to the people who are closest to me and I couldn’t regret it more. I feel like I am just getting shrugged of like the way I’m feeling just doesn’t matter. People just assume I’ve had an argument with my boyfriend or a bad day at work but not the fact that I’m constantly over thinking to the extent where I can’t breath, not wanting to leave my house, walking out of my job, just not my “normal� self. I’m really not enjoying life at the minuet and the people who mean the most to me don’t seem to care

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Hello @xkjx


Welcome to our community, really happy to have you here.


I'm sorry the people that you have chosen to share with haven't given the reaction you need. It's such a big step to tell people how you are feeling and for them to then not give you the respect you deserve sucks. Unfortunately not everyone is built to give support or empath with how you are feeling.


Focus on you, not them, everything you are feeling is valid and allow yourself this time to hurt and be upset. Its your minds way of telling you that something isn't quite write. Make sure you practice lots of self care, write down your feeling each day in a journal, even if it's only bullet points and consider seeing a counsellor to have a safe space to talk to someone.


If you feel like you want to scream, DO IT, it might make you feel better go to a large body of water or a forest and just let it out.


You are heard and you matter x




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