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Being misgendered.


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Hello!!! My name is Tyler. I am constantly misgendered on a daily basis by everyone in my current community. I am a woman, but everyone keeps defiantly referring to me as a man and calling me a 'he'. I tell them countless times every day that their misgendering me make me feel bullied and uncomfortable, but they defiantly continue to refer to me as a man and calling me a 'he' instead of the 'she' that I really am. I am a straight woman with a boyfriend who loves me and supports me. I am 23 years old and my boyfriend, Bryan is turning 32 years old this month. I am a straight woman with a boyfriend. How hard can it possibly be for them to understand that I am a woman? I am sick and tired of being referred to as a man when I am really a woman!!! When will it ever stop? I don't know what to do about it anymore at this point. I am now seeking advice and support.

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@Tyler3221996 Hi there, I'm glad you've found your way here! I'm sorry this is happening as no one likes to feel their identity isn't being seen or respected. Is this a community that have known you for a long time or is this something new?


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