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Am I asexual? Bisexual? Or simply Hetrosexual? Please help.


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I would like help on how to determine my sexuality. I think I may have a sprinkle of 3 sexuality’s combined but I don’t know if it has a different name or if it’s even possible. I think I may be an asexual, who is repulsed by the idea of sexual intercourse but I know for a fact I can like someone, as I have before. But you see here’s the confusing thing, I have found someone of the opposite sex who I really like and it lasts for about 2-3 weeks before I lose interest (?) and no longer like them for a couple weeks and then it comes back and hits me like a truck. It’s confusing to me and it’s been stressing me out. Also one of my friends opened my eyes to the idea that I don’t have to only like the opposite sex and that I could like the same sex and ever since that revelation I’ve been open to the idea of trying a same sex relationship, just without the sex. And I think I’ve found the one I would like to try this with but when I subtlly asked them about the idea of same sex relationship, they said they would never EVER date someone of the same sex. For years ever since I was a child I’ve always felt there was something wrong(?) with me. I have found that I’ve never liked anyone in elementary and when all these guys were chasing me and peer pressuring me into relationships, and now that I’m in High school I think I’ve found an opposite sex partner but my like for them comes and goes. I’ll like them for a bit then it’ll leave and it'll come back to slam me against the wall. This is all confusing to me. All these feelings and emotions. Sometimes I feel almost like I’m kind of disabled when it comes to liking someone(?). I don’t know how to explain my situation but this is the best I could do. Sorry.

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It is possible to be a combination of sexualities. You don't have to be completely asexual or completely gay. Perhaps you could take a precise test (there's this test that is divided in quadrants from four different sexualities, and it tells you were you are in that spectrum).

It's ok not to be sure. Just take your time, get to know this guy and then you can decide if you like him or not

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Hello @Jiibay


Welcome to our community.


I can tell you are feeling a bit confused and I just want to say, it's completely normal to be confused and I promise you no quiz will ever be able to tell you your sexuality, its something that grows and evolves with you over time. I didn't come out or start dating the opposite sex until I was 23.


You can be asexual but still like people. For example is you like male and female genders but don't want to be in a sexual relationship with them then you could be aromantic bisexual.


But really why is the label important to you, it is just a guideline and whatever you are and whoever you like or don't like is normal and natural.


It's also common to only like people for a short amount of time, it's the initial rush which is great and then you get to know them a little better and you realise they aren't for you.


Be patient with yourself. Just as @Mafer Valaguez said, it's okay to not be sure.



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