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To disclose or not to disclose?


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I have Mild to High Functioning Autism. Should I be tell friends on a one on one conversation or do what's comfortable to me? Also how do I go about this on social media should I feel comparable mentioning it their also? As I only have Real Life Family on their & follow positive & nice people only. I'm pretty careful who know's this stuff just don't want said person to either tell Friends of Friends or introduce me to someone who's similar like me. I find that pretty Awkward. Any tips on what I should do.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

I feel it's important to prioritise your own feelings and do what you feel comfortable with whether online or offline. Share in a way that feels natural to you - so you might just want to mention it as part of your life, but not the main thing that defines you.


For example if you were to share on social media you might put in your profile: "Student, gamer, Autistic, swimmer... among many other skills / things" (these are only suggestions - you would tailor to suit your own life).


Equally some people like to really own it and lead with it as they are rightfully proud of who they are and prefer people to know from the offset.


Does that help?


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