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I messed up! And I need help


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Hi, my name is Oluwamuyiwa, I've been in my relationship for 8 years. Clearly first 3 years was bullshit we were young and I had this youthful lust, I cheated a couple of times, most times it's the girls that always come for me and who was I to say NO to beautiful girls? Babe never left me, she loved me so much. Four years back I came to my senses and I decided never to cheat anymore but then the problem started right there. She's now filled with apathy, no warmth, all boring relationship just when I thought we could become better. I worked so hard to make things work but she just won't give in, apologies never stopped, chats became shallow, she stopped calling and never bothers if I don't . At a point I gave up saying she's just so unforgiving (fact tho) things got worse by the day. I almost meant nothing her, anytime I try to talk about our relationship she gets angry and I'm always at her mercy. Plus I think she's just being bitter about life, she's cold and mean towards her family but nice to outsiders.


Two days ago she left me in her room went to the stairs to make a call, I asked her why she would do that and the reply was scary, I left her house in anger only for me to get voice notes about those things I did 4 years ago and how she's lost respect for me. I'm just so confused and I'm loosing myself, I love her so much and I want her back.


I need advice on what to do

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Hello [uSER=17887]Muyiwa@1801[/uSER]


Welcome to our community. Apologies I have been on holiday and so I have not been on the community for a few days which is why I missed your messages.

Thank you for your kind words about the support we give.


It sounds like there has been a lot of pain in the relationship and maybe your partner has not been able to forget. Are you still enjoying the relationship? Sometimes this is all non verbal indicators that the relationship is having problems. Could you try writing out to her how you feel so there is less chance of an argument??


There is nothing wrong with ending relationships that don't make either person happy.



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