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Should I stop living with my friend?


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A couple of days ago my friend and roommate sent me and text about being rude and inconsiderate because I didn’t wait for her to walk down to the bus stop together. I was blindsided because we didn’t discuss walking together. She kept saying I hurt her feelings and the following day she said she didn’t want to be around me. It was really weird because the day prior to the fight she left me and went out without me, even though we discussed going out together. When I told her about it later on she just dismissed it like ‘you should’ve called me.’ It kinda felt like a slap in a face because she didn’t seem to care and was trying to make me feel bad for an honest mistake. There’s only 3 weeks left of school, so I’m just gonna give her some space. I just feel very uneasy about the whole situation and it’s made me question our friendship (we’ve been friends for 6 years) because we have never gotten into fight before. I want to protect myself, so I have started looking at other places I could stay at on campus. Let me know what you guys think about this situation? I’ve been very stressed and unedge about it.

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This can be super unsettling but I would definitely try and talk to her again - have a chill convo and say you'd really like to clear the air. If you both feel 'heard' it's more likely to be resolvable. Are you able to find some time alone with her in a neutral place?


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