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what do i do about complainers


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i've noticed that one of my closest friends has an extremely negative outlook on life. i've noticed this a while back actually, but just thought that maybe she was having a bad day or not in a good mood. but then i realized this was actually every single day. constantly she complains about something.. ANYTHING. it's actually extremely annoying i really don't know how to tell her to stop without sounding rude since well.. talking about this is something you'd never say to someone in their face. she's very prideful and if i told her kindly.. "hey maybe we can not complain today? let's just enjoy the moment?" she would go on a whole rant about how *I* complain all the time and that "i should be the last one talking" and i know for a fact this would happen because it has happened before. there's nothing wrong with complaining (since i'm doing it rn lol), but there's IS a problem when a person is a buzzkill. when they complain and be a downer while everyone else is having fun, and then ruin it for everyone else. we could be a party, and she'd complain about something stupid like the room being too hot. we could be out at night walking around having fun and she'd complain about not wearing her "running shoes." it's the stupid things like that. and after a while these type of comments keep progressing, i don't even wanna hang out with her anymore. literally she complains about EVERYTHING. it's so annoying i cannot stand it anymore i really don't know what to do bc i don't wanna lose her as a friend but also she ANNOYS THE CRAP OUT OF ME imagine having fun and you have that ONE PERSON complaining constantly in the back like just LIVE THE MOMENT MY GOSH. sorry i started ranting but u get my point, help lol.

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Hey there @zoey.101


Is this the same friend as before?


It is really tough being around someone negative, have you tried sitting her down on her own and saying something like "Hey, I've noticed you don't seem as happy as usual, is there anything up at the moment and can I help in any way? You might be suprised she might have something going on that you weren't aware of. Do your other friends feel the same way?



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