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Any Artists/Writers here?


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I love seeing other people's artwork as well as their writing work. Please share whatever you're proud of.

I'll start by sharing one of my poems:

"Follow your Heart"

Always smile for you never know,

who just might smile back.

Never give up for you never know,

who you might inspire to do the same.

Always be yourself for you never know,

who might like the real you.

Never let others bring you down for you never know,

who might admire that about you.

Always stand up for what you believe in for you never know,

who will stand with you.

Never try to be like someone else for you never know,

who’s fallen in love with you, the real you.

Always do what you love and be yourself, and you can never go wrong.

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Currently writing my third book in Wattpad. A little bit from my most recent book:


When riding up, Matt asked me a question that I found pretty difficult to answer: "Are you okay?" "I don't know, " I said. "I just found out that some kind of sick psycho wants to attack our school and that he called the students slaves. My family is dead, I have no one left, so I'm probably not okay." Then the elevator stopped and I stepped out. The door closed and I went to my room. When I stepped into my room and closed the door I asked myself: "Am I really okay?" Wondering over that question I fell asleep.


It´s pretty dark, I know, but that´s what I like about it.

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