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I would like to say something since I'm new.


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I would like to say that i'm new and i'm actually deaf, truthfully I can't tell you my name but you could use my username. Actually, I was hurt by someone I love so much, he called me ugly since I was fat. I acted like I was okay with it but actually I wasn't. I have so many pimples on my forehead but, I try other skincare peel offs. when I look at myself, I feel so ugly and I am a ugly little duckling when I see my other two sisters are so beautiful. I was constantly called fat every single day, between my family and my parents. but my friends know i'm fat but they still insist I'm not. I'm over 100 pounds. I try to get my head together, yet many people ask me why I should date boys when I don't want to, I have been scarred twice. Once, and then Twice. I don't want to go on the same path. truth to be told, I'm in highschool but cannot tell you my age. Sorry, but Im sure this is a long paragraph but I just wanted to tell you guys, Make sure you don't get hurt like me and don't let boys control you! PLEASE don't be like me. You are beautiful and take care of yourself. However, I told my dad that I had depression and my whole family thought at first they laughed but then it was a shock but still they try to make me feel better. I stay home often but my parents tell me this I have to go to school when I don't want to. I have anxiety and stress lately.

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Hi Ametsukki👋

I know what you are going throught.I thought I had the sweetest and most caring boyfriend but then I got a lot of pimples,like A LOT of them.I also gained a lot of weight.He then told me that I am very ugly and fat.He told me that I was so beautifull and he doesn't know what happened to me.I was in shock,I didn't know what to say.I am in middle school but that doesn't make this any less hurtfull or less of a serious problem so please take this seriosly.I will soon end school and I am so happy because of it because my ex boyfriend makes fun of me all the time.Today he told me I am the ugliest he has ever seen me.I didn't know what to say and he said it in front of the whole class even the teacher.Our breakup was one of the best things to happen to me.Because of it I started exercising every single day and very soon I lost a lot of weight.I now have an hourglass shape body and I worked so hard for it and I am very proud.I don't want to be one of those people that say that you should exercise more or drink water but here is what I did to lose weight.I exercised every day for 10 minutes at first,then after a week 20 minutes a day and then after two weeks 30 minutes a day.I was watching the exercises from youtube videos.The one I did in the first week,the 10 minutes one,is called (exactly like this):10 MIN INTENSE AB WORKOUT//No Equipment|Pamela RF.The one I did in the second and third week is called:20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT//No Equipment|Pamela RF.And then in the fourth week I did those two together.Also I need to mention that in this channel,its called Pamela Rf,she has a lot of 10 minute ones.So when I felt like it,even in the first week,I added one of ten minute ones.It made me feel even better when I did extra.And instead of wasting my time on my phone in the evening I did something that is actually good for me.Just go to Pamela Rf channel and you don't have to do it exactly like me,you can make your own programme but remember that in the first week DO ONLY 10 MIN ONES.If you don't you won't be able to walk from the pain in the morning😂If you do want to do it like me,then here is how I did it,I will repeat because maybe I missed something.First week:10 MIN INTENSE AB WORKOUT//No Equipment|Pamela Rf.Second and third week:20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT//No Equipment|Pamela Rf.Fourth,fifth and sixth week is those two combined.When you feel like you can do more,add any of the other 10 minute ones.Make a playlist week 1,week 2 etc.Now that we got that out of the way lets get to pimples.I hate them and I visited a dermatologist so many times but nothing worked.Now I found this dermatologist that gave me laser treatment instead of some creams and face washes.Now this works for me but it might not for you.If you didn't visit a dermatologist,visit him/her before its too late(My dermatologist,the last one,told me I should of came sooner)It might be a little expensive but the real way to get rid of them is for them to be extracted by a dermatologist.Believe me.Hope this helped you�If you need help about anything just ask me,I will be glad to help you�Bye 😙

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Hello there @ametsukki


Don't worry we don't need your name or your age to be able to chat with you. This is a safe space for you to use however you see fit. I'm sorry you were hurt so badly by someone and that this is affecting your self-esteem - Just because someone has an opinion about you it does not make it true.


Keeping a good routine is good for anxiety and stress, what is it that you find challenging about going to school, do you have anyone at school, a guidance counsellor perhaps that you can talk to? Has anyone ever given you tips to help when you are feeling anxious?



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