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Hi everyone! How are you all today?


My name is Karen, from Wolverhampton. I have so many things to say and to ask, but first off lets become friends! Xoxo

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Hi Remi,


i think i may be suffering from Anxiety and depression but I'm not to sure. I also dont want to visit my GP because.. i start my new job in May at west midlands police, my job role will be call handler so i will be answering 999 calls and prioritising the call. I know my job entails me to be strong minded but i thought would going to my GP make me lose my future job? It’ll be on my record thats im depressed, and the police force may think im not up to the job?


advice please!

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Hey Karen,


I would definitlely recommend seeing your GP and they may be able to refer you into a wellbeing service where you could access counselling. Your job cannot discriminate against you for your mental health, 1 in 4 of us suffer with our mental health so there are so many people out there in a similar position to you.


It is entirely your choice as to whether you want to share this information with your employer and your Dr will not share your medical notes with your employer so please don't let this be a barrier to you accessing services that you need. Most employers these days encourage you to seek help for your mental health, just as you would with your physical health, there shouldn't be any stigma attached to needing help for your mental health.


I hope this helped.



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