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I feel ugly


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when I sit alone people don’t sit next to me when we’re in public they just sit like one seat away leaving me in the middle , I’m like in need of a relationship because whenever I was in one I wouldn’t feel so alone and I don’t why I want like a pretty girl with me when I’m ugly.

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Hey there @Fidel2004,


I know it feels like people are doing this because of you, but I can promise you that this is just your perspective of the situation because you are struggling with your self esteem right now. Our mind can play so many tricks on us when we feel low.


A relationship isn't the way to solve this, i'm sorry to say In order to have a healthy relationship it's important to love yourself first. You are not ugly, ugly is an opinion. Looks are only superficial real connection comes from kindness and the ability to make someone laugh.



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