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Hi I am Alex


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Hi I am Alex.Puberty hit me really hard,I have A LOT of pimples but all of my other friends have clear smooth skin.I used to have it too but now I have a lot of acne and acne scars.And yes I went to see a dermatologist multiple times but nothing helps.If you could help me regain my self confidence that would be really nice.I am not self concious about anything else but my face.Some of the other kids make fun of me because of it,It has been happening for 2 years now.They kind of stopped when I told their parents about it but they still sometimes comment on it.I even once thought about suicide because of it and also because of my family's problems.But that is not a problem I have a lot of other loyal and supportfull friends who love me and my parents fighting doesn't bother me like it used to.The problem is that those mean kids words really hurt me and just seeing myself in the mirror really hurts me.I would really like you to give me some advice on how to be more confident,please.Thank you <3

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