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Questioning my sexuality: Not sure if I'm pansexual, gynosexual, or heterosexual.


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Hello Ditch the Label,


It's quite ironic that we should "ditch the label", but many come to the forums seeking to validate a label for themselves. Or at least that's what I'm doing right now. I would like to know what my sexuality is because I have been tirelessly questioning for quite a while.


I am cismale and I am sexually attracted to anyone regardless of anything. I am also attracted to anyone physically female regardless of gender, gonads, sex, etc., meaning I like people who look "female". However, I can be emotionally attracted to anyone which overrides both sexual and physical attraction. I have had sex with both cismales and cisfemales and enjoyed it everytime. Both were "feminine" to some degree.


Am I pansexual? Gynosexual? Heterosexual with a kink? All three? I have no clue, so I am asking for your insight and opinion. Thanks!

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Hey there @NothingWrong


Yes, I do think a lot of people come to these forums looking for a label. But I always try and encourage the same thing. There is no rush or even need to label your sexuality.


Really no one else can validate your sexuality for you, and your sexuality doesn't need to be something that validates you. The truth is, we are all unique and all these labels are, is a bit of a guide to help us understand ourselves, and others around us. As we are all unique, so is our sexuality, that's why one label or definition could never define all of us. What you are feeling is normal and if you really want that definition, I always find pansexual a really broad one that encompasses a lot.


That's my insight, as it stands.





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