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Might be asexual but not sure


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I’m 13 and I’ve never really been attracted to anyone before or have had feeling towards anyone, but I’ve never desired to either, does this mean I’m asexual?

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An asexual can fall in love, can have kids, can choose to masturbate, etc., but they do not frequently seek sex or think about sex as often as others. From what you said about yourself, it's hard to say you're asexual.

This may not be you, but I have an asexual friend who would rather eat some pizza and watch TV instead of having sex. I can't really speak for them, but it would seem that they just don't care about love or sex. They aren't worried or bothered by love, sex, relationships, etc. They may feel attraction to someone, but they wouldn't care if they date or not.


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Hello there @A_Random_Person


Welcome to our community.


You raised a really interesting point here, the answer is, we don't know but. At 13 it is completely completely normal to not have any sexual urges or desires yet. You are only just coming into puberty and over the next few years, your sexuality will develop and evolve you'll notice changes in your body and in your mind too.


I think it may be too early to know whether you are asexual but as @NothingWrong has said below being asexual still means you get to enjoy romance and attraction and fall in love.


Check out these blogs written by some amazing asexual people - I think they may help. But don't worry about rushing to identify just yet, it's all a learning process and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.







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