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I don't know whether to tell my best friend that I like her (we are both female)


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I've started to develop a crush on my best friend, but I don't know whether to tell her. We have spoken in depth about sexuality and LGBTQ+ and she (like me) knows that she isn't straight but doesn't use a label, and said that she possibly sees herself getting in a relationship with a girl in the future.

I don't know whether I should tell her since I know that she wouldn't react negatively, but I don't want to pressure her into anything or catch her off guard.

Thanks :)

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I think that you should first try to figure out if your feelings for her are true. Meaning that you are sure that you have feelings about her. You have to figure out if you truly have a crush on her or that you just consider her as your friend.

Before you tell your friend how you feel about her think about whether or not she will or can be receptive to your romantic feeling. If she is in a relashionship currently wait until she is single again, then think about telling her how you feel.

Then I recommend to think about if she would actually be insterested of going out with you. Maybe she has send out some signals informing you that she does want to be in a realshionship with you.

I hope this works and good luck!





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Heeeey there @katienelle


Welcome to our community!


I can see why you feel confused about this, no matter if you are same-sex or not it is tricky to tell a friend you like them. Because you risk crossing the boundaries of a friendship where you may not be able to go back to how things were before.


Has she give you personally any signals that she might be interested in you as more than a friend?


If she reacted badly, would the risk be worth losing her friendship, these are all things to consider.


If you do decide to ask her though, good luck to you and we will all keep our fingers crossed for you!



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