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I don't know if I am bi or a lesbian


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So basically I talked with a friend today about past guy crushes and as it turms out i haven't had a crush on a guy I know in 11 years... Only ever on celebrities or fictional characters... I have had crushes on girls I knew though. I'm a bit confused rn about wether I am bisexual or a lesbian, so please help me.

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Hello @Lua


Welcome to the community.


I get that you are confused, and sometimes our sexuality is a bit confusing. Because it can change and evolve quite a bit, especially when we're teenagers. If you are unsure still then you could identify as bisexual, the label is only a rough guide, it is up to you how you feel inside so don't rush to name it if it confuses you and just try to enjoy exploring and having fun.


Does that help? I hope so.


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Hi @Lua I know what its like to be really confused about your sexuality as i have had troubles like this in the past, a few years ago i realised that i was lesbian and when i reflected back on my past i realised that i have kind of always liked girls and that the only reason i had crushes on guys was to prove to myself that i was a normal human being because i hadn't been introduced to the concept of me being able to like girls, when i realised i was lesbian i pretended i was straight and that didn't work for me, it's good to evaluate how you have been reacting to guys in the past.


From @IHATEME1478

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