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how to come out to my homophobic parents


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im a 14 year old bisexual and i really want to come out to my parents, but every time i bring up anything that has to do with lgbtq+ they just say that it’s wrong and that all those people are going to hell. obviously i still live with them, but i feel so anxious to come out to them and i want to so badly but i’m worried about them kicking me out. they’re very loving to the closeted girl i am, but i don’t think they will be as loving to me being out bisexual. they are very religious and we go to church every sunday which just makes me feel worse about myself when all we talk about in ccd is how horrible lgbtq+ people are and how their choices are a sin. i’d love to know anything that could help me with this

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Don't do anything that makes you unsafe or that makes you feel like crap, i suggest waiting until your older because then you can tell your parents when you feel more confident and when you are less closeted


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Hey there,


Welcome to our community and thank you for being really brave and posting this here.


Although in an ideal world it would be great for EVERYONE to be able to come out to their families. We know that this can not always be the case. Your fellow member said it, your safety has to come first and you need to keep a roof overhead and a support network around you, so if you already know that your parents may not take it well then maybe it is worth waiting a few years until you know you can be independent.


Are you out to anyone in your life, maybe a friend or a school counsellor - it might help to just tell someone?


You can always share things here too, we're a community and we are here for you.



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