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Freshman 15?


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Hey guys so I'm about to finish my senior year of high school and I feel like the "freshman 15" is slowly inching itself towards me. I don't really know how to be healthy... I'm very physically active but food wise I just kind of feel lost. I kind of want like a list of things to eat and a list of things to stay away from if I'm trying to get and maintain a close to flat stomach. Any ideas?

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Hey there Dancer 19,


This freshman 15 thing is a bit of a myth I think. In increased times of stress your body may store weight differently. But with foods I think it's important to try and have a healthy relationship with all food. Yes we know that junk food and sugar aren't great for us, but having them every now and again isn't a bad thing to do. Everything in balance is important and to me it sounds like if you are keeping active then that is awesome. Remember to drink plenty of water and get lots of veggies into your meals.



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