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GSA Club at School


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I have been contemplating joining my schools GSA because I have started questioning my sexuality... but there is a problem with that... I dont wanna join it for some very stupid reason, for one my ex-girlfriend who, dumped me, asked out my friend right in front of me, got denied, then decided to become Bi is in the GSA and I dont want that to be awkward because she's been avoiding me ever since... another reason is I have this friend who tics me off often and is just an immature, obnoxious butt... and our friendship is kinda rocky obviously seeming as he pisses me off... and I dont want that to be awkward either... so please help... what should I do in this situation?...

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Hey hey,


Why don't you give it a go and then if you don't like it you can always leave.


Sometimes in a different social context, it is easier to get on with some people as you share common ethics and morals.


Also how many other people are in the group, could it be a good way to meet some other LGBT people and allies in your school?



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