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I was in a really controlling relationship last year and was bullied at university I was told by my crazy boyfriend that another person called me easy. I confronted him about this and he denied it was it the crazy controlling boyfriend making it up to make me feel bad? I am now going out with friend of the accused and I feel sensitive to this once being said and feel I can't trust people. Please tell me do I just try and not think about it but this memory bothers me everyday and makes me feel bad about myself.

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Hello @Georgina


Welcome to community, thanks for sharing here.

Sorry you have been through negative experiences with your ex and with bullying at university.


When someone hurts us it can make it hard to trust again. But not everyone is going to hurt you and it's important to try to trust again. Have you spoken to your current partner about the way you are feeling? What does he say?


What about it makes you feel bad?



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