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I’m scared about coming out as bi


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I haven’t told anyone yet, and I’m scared to. My parents are very religious and homophobic. I’ve known I was bi for the past year, and I think some people might have figured it out. My main fear is that my friends might not like me anymore or I might get kicked out. I live in a small town that has almost NO LGBTQ people in it. It makes it hard when you think you have no one to tell. HELP!

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Hi there, @jordyn_harris


What I have done around my friends and family is try to subtly bring up gay couples. This can be in a TV show or book. Just bring up a gay relationship and see how they feel. I joined a GSA club at my school, and I have had many talks about the LGBTQ community with my parents without actually coming out.


I wish you the best of luck much courage.


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Hello @jordyn_harris


Thanks for posting this here and welcome to our community.


I see you've already had some useful advice from our other community members.


I would say testing the water with your parents could help. Although we believe everyone should be able to come out. We believe that your safety is paramount. If you think your parents could have a negative reaction and you may not have a strong support network around you. Is there a society at your school? I find this is why online communities can be so helpful - you are not alone even if it feels you can't see many LGBT people around you, they are there.


Well done for sharing it with us here.



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There really is no support group in my school, but thanks to your advice, I came out to some friends and actually found a girlfriend! I’m so happy and I don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you guys so so so much!

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