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How do you deal with dysphoria?


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Hey. I think I'm genderfluid, but right now gender queer is the most comfortable label for me, so that's what I use. I do often doubt myself, but I'm slowly getting over it. Anyways, I do experience dysphoria on days where I'm not feeling female (I'm AFAB) and I was wondering if anyone knew of any ways I could deal with my dysphoria and not feel so disgusting. I also have to wear a school uniform so I have to wear a dress to school everyday, so that doesn't help. Right now I'm just trying to avoid mirrors and biting my lip and pinching myself. Is there a better way to deal?

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Hello @AncientHistoryBook,


I've shared some safe alternative to pinching and biting your lip below.



Could you speak to your school about their dress code?

Do you have a welfare counsellor at school that could maybe act as an advocate for you?





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