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How can I come out to my Catholic parents?


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So, i'm a Catholic and I am proud of it but i'm also Bisexual and proud of that as well.

My parents are amazing but I am not sure about coming out to them. My mom will hopefully understand and same for my dad but I am not so sure.

My Dad is quite homophobic and once said to me LGBTQ people should be illegal which hurt a lot.

I could decide to not come out but I don't want to stay closeted.

I'm 14.



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I am the same age as you, if you have a homophobic dad why not try coming out to your mum first if you think she is going to understand i think its easier to tell your mum first as you trust her, if you have a homophobic father its best to see how he reacts when you mention the lgbti+ community.


I hope this has helped



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Hello @UndisclosedPingu


Its wonderful you have amazing parents behind you. Coming out is something that can be really nervewracking so you are totally right to feel a bit nervous. Why is it you want to come out to them now? Have you come out to any of your close friends?


I get why you feel hurt at what your Dad said. I agree with @IHATEME1478, do you feel telling your Mum is an option? How do you think she would react?



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