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I’m really confused about wether I’m attracted to women


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I’m 18 and I’ve just started university and all of a sudden I’m having doubts about my sexuality, I am and always have been 100% sure that I’m sexually attracted to men and up until now had no doubt that I was straight but I think I may be attracted to women as well , I just don’t know how to tell if I’m attracted to them physically or if it’s just romantically or if it’s just me finding them pretty, or if maybe I’m not attracted to them at all and I just admire them, what’s also really confusing is that I only feel this way about a specific type of women attractive whereas I am attracted to to nearly all types of men. When I think about being in a relationship with a woman I could see myself loving them and doing stuff like holding hands , going on dates and kissing but I don’t think I would want to have sex with them. I’m sorry I’m just really confused.

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Yeah that does sound really confusing... sorry I cant help you, I'm still tryna figure that out myself but the other way around... I'm a boy and have been attracted to girls in sexual and romantic ways... but now I kinda feel an attraction towards boys that I cant even understand/explain...

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Hey there @GeekyAnt ,


Welcome to our community!


Firstly, I get why you are confused, but try not to panic. It's often around this time when we head to univeristy and we are out of our comfort zone and thrown together with lots of new people that some new thoughts and urges come over us. What you are feeling is completely normal. I can't guess your sexuality as it's something that you feel. But I will say that just being attracted to one type of girl is also normal - you are allowed to have preferences. It's also okay to not want a sexual relationship with a woman.


I would advise to not rush into putting a label on your feelings yet as you are still figuring things out and try to enjoy the figuring out time as it can be really fun.


What do you think?



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