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Well, this is confusing.


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I found this site today and thought I would give it a whirl.

First up, I was born and am still biologically female, but I am confused if that is what I actually am in my mind; am I fluid, non-binery or something else? Iunno.

Also, I tend to tell people I'm gay (umbrellering when I feel lazy), bi (for those who only know the most basic terms), or pan (for those who know more terms) but in truth, I don't have a clue, all I know is that "straight" is ruled out.

I'm honestly just a confused human and I'm for the most part kinda "meh" about figuring anything out because as long as I am happy then I don't care about labelling or working at trying to find my comfortable warddrobe.

At the same time, though... I feel maybe some clarity will help my fuzzy brain at this moment in time.

Any thoughts? Mine are a mess, so I apologise about this mini article about me.

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Hey its fine though I dont know either what am I atractet at. I am a male so first I tried with a woman but it didnt work out. So I tried it with a nice guy but again I felt nothing but empty that didnt felt right either. So I dont know what I am and what I am attractet at. I cant help you with your decision because I got a similar problem but I hope you will find out soon what your sexual prefference is.

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Hey @Koomadori ,


Big welcome to our community :)


What makes you feel like you might be fluid or non-binary? I always think there is no right or wrong way to be a woman and naturally there is a fluidity between genders as it is a spectrum anyway.


I find pansexual a really good way of describing my own sexuality because it does leave a lot of room for variety - you could always say to people who may not know what it is - Hey, I'm pansexual and that means that I am attracted to people regardless of their gender. A label is just a guideline so adapt it to how you feel in that moment.


I can't provide you with much clarity as it's what you feel inside but I think to try not to overthink it too much and the answers will come to you.




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