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How to ask a popular Bi girl out


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There is this girl at my school who is super popular and I have had a crush on her since almost the beginning of the school year. I found out sometime before Christmas break that she was Bi, while putting a bit of a roadblock for me given the fact that I am the straight unpopular kid and my competition had just been doubled. I have some friends who know her very well and they are very good friends but, the last time I asked them for help with a relationship they ended up already being with that person but "helped" anyways. I also don't wanna ask her to go somewhere with me then have her tell everybody because she's popular then all of a sudden most of the school knows and that's when my school life would get a lot more awkward. By the way I am a guy...

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Hey, how about just doing something a bit more as friends first to see how you get on and to remove pressure? If some of your friends already know her then great - try and go along with them.


It'll give you a chance to get to know her a little better and you'll probably find out if there is chance that it could lead to more.



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Hey @Anonymous22 ,


I agree with what @dipsi333 said, it might be best to nurture a good friendship first and learn about each other in a setting without the pressures of it being in a romantic way.


I always recommend to just be yourself, can you think of anywhere she might like to go with you where you can have a chance to talk and get to know each other better.



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