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Still confused(?!)


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Okay, so I recently got asked out on my first date ever with a girl, I was so excited and the day of I got ready and texted her to ask if she wanted me to come pick her up soon, she didn’t text me back until 3 hours later and said she was busy and couldn’t. She did genuinely apologize and she seemed sincere but I guess what I’m trying to say is, that I’m not sure if I would be so forgiving if it was a guy, and I’m wondering if I’m being paranoid. I recently also came out to my best friend and she’s been so helpful but I hate talking to her about it because I’m worried she’s uncomfortable. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hey there @leahbanks812 ,


A big welcome to our community, thank you so much for sharing this here.


Okay, so, sometimes things come up and people cancel. As it's your first date I wouldn't worry too much, have you rescheduled? Although if this becomes a regular pattern that she doesn't communicate well it could be a sign for the future. It's true, maybe you would be less forgiving with a guy, it's good to notice these things. It can be very different dating someone of the same sex, and it's cool you notice that, it doesn't need to be a negative thing.


That's absolutely wonderful that your friend has been so helpful, why would you think she was uncomfortable? It sounds like she's on board to chat with you, that's what friends are for.


Feel free to use this space to chat through anything you feel like you don't want to say to your best friend though.



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