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Label or no label?


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I have read a blog similar to my experience on this site, and it made me wonder... Should I try to find where I fit in, or do labels even matter?


I personally identify as Bisexual, as I am attracted to women, non-binary people, basically anyone except cis men. I am also attracted to people who do not identify with a gender or are questioning that. My biggest crushes have been on people of the same sex (women) but I have felt attraction towards an enby friend of mine (we are good friends and I find them cute, feelings are growing).


Again, should I search for a label (as it brings me peace and makes me comfortable) or go without (as I am questioning my sexuality now)? Please help me :D


P.S: if you want to leave a comment feel free! I love chatting <3

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Hey! Personally I feel that it's quite a fluid process and we can be attracted to people for so many reasons. If you do want a label (and everyone is different) I find Pansexual a good label as it covers so many more people and genders. :)

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Hey hey @Da_Fluid_Unicorn17,


Welcome to our community, we are soooo happy to have you here :)


So I think, as you said, that labels can be useful as it makes you feel like you are a part of that community. But, because we are all unique and different what our sexuality means will undoubtedly be different for every single one of us, which is why one 'label' might not fit exactly right. As Dipsi said, I think pansexual is a good all-inclusive term for many genders, it's also how I identify but I take everything with a bit of wriggle room. But by all means carry on researching if you are finding it interesting.






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