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Intro to Independence


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Hey, my name is Ryley, and I'm excited to join and honestly have no real idea what to say. So, pronouns are she/her, and I'm currently looking into hormone treatment once I make the move to California in a week. My sexuality...I'm honestly trying to figure it out. I have suspicions it's on the ace spectrum. All I know is I'm attracted to a variety of people, which is the best thing.


The thing I struggle with the most is kind of being on my own now. My parents certainly don't support me, so I'm currently just doing some training and hopefully get a job that will be enough to support me. I'm only 18, so yeah, have a lot to learn. I hope to meet new people at the very least. It's scary though. It's just horrifying feeling like you have to do so much on your own, but in a way, it's exciting. I finally got the independence I craved for so long. But, any advice on how to really deal with it would be a really big help.


Thank you for reading.

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Hey there Ryley, I'm Remi!


Really happy you found our community, hope this will be a helpful space for you.


Our sexuality can be a confusing thing for us to figure out, I know I didn't fully come to decide on 'what I was' until I was about 22/23 years old, so don't worry there is no rush. It's so great you feel attracted to a variety of people.


Independence is TOUGH! I know it's something we've wanted for so long, but in truth being an adult is hard work - it does get easier, you just get better at stuff. What are you training at the moment? Are there any friends on your course that are in a similar situation you could hang out with?


Happy to offer advice on budgeting, making new friends and managing your time as an adult if you would like?



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