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Nonbinary or just confused?


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I am a 13, almost 14 . I identify as gender fluid pansexual. I dress more feminine but I also wear more androgynous/masculine clothes and I feel great when someone mistakes me for a boy or they just don't know what I "am."

I am debating on whether or not I should come out to some of my close friends (although they are online). I have a letter, but I am nervous.

What if it is a mistake. then they will never think that I am serious about what I am.


How do you know that it will not be a mistake.

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Hey hey hey Taz,,


Welcome to our Community and a big thank you for sharing this here.


I think from what you have said you have quite a good understanding of your identity and sexuality. But one thing you have said which really stuck out to me was your understanding of 'spectrum' we are all on a spectrum and I believe that this spectrum can move around from time to time. Especially as at 13/14 you are just starting to go through puberty and your hormones will be racing - this doesn't mean that anything you feel isn't valid but you don't need to rush into labelling yourself if you don't feel ready.


If you explain your identity to them in the way that you have done here, I'm sure your close friends would understand. You will never know how you will feel in the future but however you feel right now is valid.


How do you feel your close friends would react to you coming out as non-binary?



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