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So, I’m in school, In Kalamazoo, Michigan. And, there’s this one person that bugs me, and threatening to beat me up, and always says it like this


�Ima beat your ass up, you Fat Fuck�


So, since I’m in school, I can’t like throw a punch or anything otherwise I’ll get into a lot of trouble. Is there anything I can do? I’ve already tried to report it multiple times, and it doesn’t seem like they are doing anything about it. Can you please give me some really good advice that can kinda keep me from beating them up.

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I sometimes experience gender dysphoria, and a big part of that can be chest dysphoria. I really want to flatten my chest a bit but I can't buy a binder yet. Is wearing two bras on top of each other safe?

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Hi doctor Christian,


I’ve been struggling a lot with my body image issues lately, so much so to the point where they’ve been affecting almost every aspect of my life.


I absolutely hate the way I look (my face especially) and because of this, I’ve become very depressed, anxious and isolated. Even though I’m often told by others that there’s nothing wrong with my appearance, I still can’t help but stress over every flaw and imperfection I see in myself.


I’m tired of feeling this way and I want to get help, but my parents refuse to acknowledge my problems or help me in any way. No matter how much I try explaining my feelings to them, they never take me seriously.


I’m only 15 years old so seeking help on my own is difficult and I have no idea where to start...so that brings me to my questions...


Is it possible for me to see a doctor or therapist without the help of my parents, and in the meanwhile, what are the best ways in which can I deal with my body image issues and feelings of depression until I’m able to seek treatment?

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Sir, one of friends is suffering from mixed depression anxiety problem due to family issues. I took him to a psychiatrist but that medication is still not helpful. He has a lot of sleep related issues.

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