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Confused about Sexuality?


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I've only ever had boyfriends, but they've always pursued me and if I'm honest I had to kind of "force" myself to have feelings for them. My first boyfriend was the only guy I ever fancied when I was 13/14, and someone I met a couple of years ago is the only guy I've ever been in love with (now I'm starting to think it was more like infatuation considering it was like a young adult insta-love type thing).


However, lately, I've only ever been thinking about women, have actually dreamt about having sex with them, and found myself daydreaming about doing things with them. I danced with a woman last weekend and became quite attracted to how to came across (sadly she's engaged).

I've never had a girlfriend before, but I have made out with one before. I really wouldn't know how to find someone as one girl, that I know of, has only ever told me that she liked me. When I go to college, I'm looking at girls and sometimes the men, but I can never imagine myself being with a man anymore.


I feel like the constant male attention I've been getting has stopped me considering if I'm actually anything other. I considered myself as bi-curious at first, then bi, and then pansexual and I have stuck with that ever since. However I am strongly sexually attracted to women and their personalities.

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Hey there QuestioningQuoz,


Welcome to community.


You've raised some really interesting points here. It is perfectly natural to be questioning your sexuality - I definitely started questioning when I was at college age. From what you've said it sounds like you are sexually attracted to women and you feel quite confident in that - would you say that was right?


I wouldn't rush to put labels on it unless you would like to, it's whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Could you go on a dating app for women wanting to meet women?


This will be the beginning of a lovely journey for you, i'm sure.



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