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Just one damn thing after another


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Hi all. I go by SkyeDiamonds here cause it sounds sparkly, which is nice. Currently dealing with several things including but not limited to depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria, sexuality, body image, and a general feeling of disenchantment with the world. Delightful, I know. Happened across this due to a Facebook advert (ta Facebook, bit creepy tho so please back off?) which I'm a little conflicted about but in my current state of mind most of my emotions can be summed up as "meh". Anyways, greetings to everyone, hope your days going better than mine is!

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Hey hey Skyediamonds,


We're really happy you found us! As our community is a safe space for you to talk about anything that is on your mind.


It sounds like you have a lot on your mind right now. What feels as though the loudest one right now and maybe we can work on some ways to help improve how you are feeling right now?


I always find it helpful to imagine all the problems or worries in my life as a big cake and each worry is a slice of that cake. You have to take them one slice at a time or you would never manage the whole thing at once.


So let's just take one slice - what is something we can work on now?



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