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Degrading Grandmothers


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So, I've lived with my grandmother for a long time. Almost 8 years now. She's literally saved my life a bunch of times. But she still calls me names and hurls insults at me. I don't want to do anything back, even saying: "Please don't say that to me." because she's saved my life so many times. What do I do???

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Hi there. So u and grandma live together for a long time would u say you have a close relationship with her? Also, I think u need to address the insults, just explain how its making u feel. She shouldn't be insulting you all the time. What kinds of things is she saying to you? Also is there anyone else a close friend or someone u can talk to about it. Don't feel like ur alone in this. What do u mean as well she's saved ur life many times ?

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Hey there @JoyousEmmes ,


Welcome to our community, we are really happy you've posted this here.


It sounds like you have a lot of love for this woman. But nobody whether they be friends, family or stranger should throw insults at you and call you names. What is it she says to you, is it triggered by anything usually.


I'm sorry this is happening, you say she has saved you, that's lovely of her. It does not mean that you somehow deserve this treatment though or that you should ignore it.


Could you speak to her and say how thankful you are for everything she has done for you but you are finding it hard when she says things that are hurtful.


See how she reacts to this. I find sometimes writing a letter and handing it to them can be better because you get to finish what you want to say without being interrupted and without it turning into an argument. You can practice writing it down here if you like?



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