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How can I do to handle my parents behaviour?


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hi, you can call me nightmoon

I am 18 y.o, I am the oldest child in my family and I have 2 siblings, my brother (14) and my little sister (6). actually my parents are kind and loving their children, but they are too protective to their child and they tend to express their disappointment as they like. Tbh i already used to all of this treatment but sometimes their words just hurting me so much, I feel like I have no power in this household, i feel like i do not deserve everything that i have until now


yes i'm the victim of bullying since elementary school and yes i'm experienced depression and suicidal behaviour when i was high schooler, but now that I'm going to uni, I feel like I'm getting better but the problem is my parents keeps making me feeling down


idk, seems like they just forget how miserable i was since i look fine, yeah i do feel that I'm fine but it's not easy for me to be in this state, yet my parents keep bragging about my childhood and all the bad things that I want to forget


i know they loved me and they want me to be happy but as soon as I look fine, the one who making me down is themi

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Hey Nightmoon,


Welcome to Community.


As you are 18 you are probably getting to the point where you are outgrowing the family home. If you have younger siblings it is likely your parents are parenting all of you when actually you feel more of an adult and don't need as much parenting now.


Are you going away for university or staying here? If you are going to stay on campus then it might give you some space from your family.


Do you think you could talk to them about how you are feeling?



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