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Family drama


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Hey, for a while, my parents have been arguing every morning about paying for the bills and giving money to buy supplies. Every morning, I wake up to the sound of them arguing. No matter how much my siblings and I have tried to stop their arguments, the tension keeps building. Today, when my brother was with my parents, they began to argue and they insulted people that are very close to them. What are some ways to prevent this from happening? Please help.

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Hello Aimen,


How are you today? This sounds really horrible for you to listen to and be around... I wouldn't recommend your siblings and yourself trying to stop their arguments mid-argument, as distressing as it is for you this may just add fuel to the fire.


Could you try writing them a letter from all of you saying how much the arguing is affecting the family? This can give a bit of separation and won't escalate as much as doing it in person hopefully?


It may not stop them from arguing but it might mean they do it less in front of you and your siblings. It's not your fault though, remember that.





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